Newsletter May 2016

At the beginning of every year, in time for our new year’s day opening, we ask for guidance on the year to come, crystals to help with this and a small new year’s day give away crystal to help with the coming year. This year’s energy was metamorphosis and the crystals that showed up were:-

Amelite (Amethyst/Prasiolite) to initiate (radical) change

Madagascan blue/green Apatite for laying new foundations

Lavendar Optical Calcite to bring in light and new energy.

We didn’t quite realise how true this would be for us.

For a number of years we have been aware that a move of house was getting close and in January this year we finally got the push to do this.

Early February was spent initiating this process and getting our house ready to sell.

Then in mid-February (which for us always represents the death of the old year) the changes really set in.

The loss of the store roof on about 10th February was quite a shock! and despite a sizeable chunk of the roof falling in, we were greatly relieved that no crystals were damaged.

Moving the crystals out, cleansing those that needed it, and repacking them into an already full store room has been quite a challenge taking many weeks, but everything was eventually secured.

We then had to wait (as patiently as we could) for the building owners, insurers and builders to complete repairs – with many delays along the way.

Now that the building work is finally complete, we are getting new shelving etc set up and will re-open on Saturday 21st May.

During the first few weeks there is likely to be some confusion and lots of boxes around, and you will probably hear ‘I know I’ve got one of those somewhere’! said on many occasions.

So a big thank you for your patience to date, and a request for a little more patience as we settle back in.

These last 3 months have been difficult, challenging and interesting (especially if you endeavour to take an overview of the events).

We have had a bereavement in the family, Morgarian’s father, which has required our energy to be involved in family matters (it is not lost on us that what we have had to do in the last few weeks would have been extremely difficult if the Store was open as usual).

In spite of all that has happened, we are still positive at least in part because of what was seen at the beginning of the year. The process of metamorphosis is often painful but we are taking it as a very good sign that the Store has, completely ‘by chance’ and not within our control, been painted in the gentle lavender shades of lavender optical calcite!

Other crystals that have been helping us through all of the above are:-

Blue Topaz – a breath of fresh air – release if restrictions/old patterns – ‘un-making’ energy.

Amethyst – transformation

Charoite – a leap of faith – making the impossible possible.

Blue Kyanite – inner strength and divine purpose

Phantom Quartz – access to hidden reserves of strength, power and energy (appropriate direction of)

Please note for the next few weeks we will only have limited opening as we try to get ourselves back on our feet. For details please check this website, facebook or our answering machine.

Ruan & Morgarian

May 2016

this is an archive copy of Newsletter from 2010

Welcome to a rather belated first (and probably only) newsletter of 2010. As we are writing this newsletter, there seems to be the start of a shift of energy from the stoic determination required to get through the last few years, into a more hopeful and enthusiastic energy for 2011 and beyond. This, however, can be rather difficult to embrace, especially for those of us that are feeling battered and bruised by the difficult issues and lessons that we have faced. In these circumstances it is important to shed the debris that has been picked up and attempt to regenerate a positive and joyous perspective. This process of regeneration can, in turn, lead us into a cycle of healing and renewal that allows us to face the physical healing/treatments that may be required as well as situations (karmic contracts) that need to be let go of. In short it’s a time to do some serious spiritual house-clearing in preparation for a new period of growth – a new spring is just around the corner!

Crystals to help with this include:-

Natural Citrine – Finding new direction. Also helps to clear mental resistance, cynicism and stuck mental patterns (place on the third eye to help with this).

Price £3 - £50.

Bright Green Calcite – Helps to regenerate the heart centre and prime it to accept new energy, also helps with putting heart into everything we do. Price £4 - £10.

Green and Black Calcite – clearing shadows from the heart. Price £4 - £8.

Hypersthene – Breaking up the restrictions of old patterns and habits. Price £3 - £15.

Dark Amethyst – Deep clearing which clears the way for healing. Works equally well with the base centre or the head centres, and is a protection from astral problems. New polished pieces, price around £4 each.

Blue Kyanite – Helps to give you the strength, alignment and focus for what you need to do. Price £2 - £8.

Apophyllite – brings light and harmony into places and situations. Helps to resolve conflicting energies and release karmic restrictions. Price £2.50 - £20. (some larger apophyllite clusters available).

Black Moonstone – The dark side of the moon – that still space before the light when all things are possible – helps to open us up to new possibilities and experiences (without fear). Price £5 - £25.

Polychrome Jasper – Stability within instability – a rock in shifting sands. Helps us to find stability in times of change. Price £3 - £50.

Fossilised Wood – Helps us to draw strength from the Earth and from the past without being restricted by it.

A platform on which to build. Price £2.50 - £40 (some larger pieces available).

Kunzite – Connects to higher levels – helps to bring hope and an easing of the anguish that life brings. Angelic Support and Guidance. Price £3 - £15.

Golden and Red Healer Quartz – Opens a channel for energy to flow to the heart and base chakras respectively, bringing strength and support for healing where it is needed. Price £5 - £25.

Orange Calcite – Clearing emotional blocks and helping to find the joy in situations. Price £3 - £60.

Rose Opal – Sanctuary in the Heart Centre. Be good to yourself. Price £2 - £4.

Stilbite – Compassion and understanding both for others and for the Self. Makes it easier to see yourself and your issues without self-condemnation (i.e. stops us beating ourselves up so that we can get on with dealing with the issues). Prices £3 - £40.

Gold Optical Calcite – Releasing karmic restrictions (with joy!). Price: £3 - £25.

Other new stock includes:- Green Fire Tourmaline; Blue Sugalite; Scapolite; Purpurite; Peristerite; Chrysocolla with Galena; Boulder Opal; Star Rose Quartz spheres.

Store Opening Times and Events

From the 1st of October we are open Thursday to Sunday, usual times of 11.00am – 5.30pm.

This October it is the Store’s 15th Birthday (actually on 20.10.2010 – a very interesting date especially from the numerology point of view). To celebrate this we shall be having special offers in Store from 21st to 24th October.

Please note that the Store will then be closed until Thursday 11th November.

Our special Christmas Shopping Day is on Sunday 5th December this year. Together with the Nursery and Craft Shop there will be festive refreshments available with our compliments.

Whilst on the subject of Christmas, our last day of opening this year is Thursday 23rd December – and our first day of opening for 2011 will be Saturday 1st January between 12 noon and 4pm when we open to welcome in the new year.

During January we open on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th, and then every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the reduced hours of 11am – 4.30pm.

Closed in February.

We are hoping to hold a meditation group early in the new year, if you are interested please let us know so we can send you more details as they become available.

May the Autumn and Winter seasons bring the healing that is needed to make 2011 a joyous year.

Ru’an & Morgarian