New Stock In

New Stock in October 2019:-

King Cobra Jasper palmstones, wands and spheres

Fruit Jasper wands. Madagascan Amazonite, Cherry Blossom Agate,

Smoky Quartz small points and clusters, polished shapes and larger Spheres

Mystic Merlinite wands, Chrysocolla, Amethyst Spheres

small polished Charoite, Larimar, Scolecite, K2 stone, Natural Citrine etc.

Palmstones including Angelite, Carnelian, Black Tourmaline, Jaspers in many types!

New Stock in August 2019:-

Shungite Spheres, pyramids and palmstones

Madagascan patterned Carnelian, large natural Fuschite Mica, Smoky Quartz clusters, Mangano Calcite,

Super 7 natural points, Black sardonyx, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Rubellite Tourmaline large palmstones,

Hearts in Black Moonstone, Carnelian, Garnierite, Golden Healer Quartz, Unakite

Gnesh carvings in Labradorite, Angels in Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Sodalite.

Aegerine clusters

New stock of Pendulums, Bead Bracelets and Chip Bracelets

Silver chains now available in 14" up to 28"

also Silver Gemstone Rings, Pendants and Earrings (Garnet, Peridot, Rainbow Moonstone, Larimar etc)

New Stock in July 2019:-

Purple Jade, Bumble Bee Jasper, Scheelite, Yellow Fluorite, Columbian Amber, Merlinite,

A grade Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz Spheres, Labradorite Hearts, Ametrine double terminated points,

Smoky Quartz small points and larger polished, Sunstones.

plus new stock of pendulums (inc. Blue Lace Agate, Garnet in limestone, Lepidolite

and Satyaloka Quartz)

New Stock in March 2019:-

Amethyst Spheres, LargeTree/Moss Agate Spheres and Standing Stones.

smaller spheres in Amazonite, Malachite, Green Opal.

Shungite pyramids, Nuumite hearts and Lapis Lazuli hearts

Fruit Jasper Hearts and palmstones, Chrysocolla, Large Rose Quartz standing points.

Lemurian Quartz points, Lithium Quartz points,

Wands in Amethyst, Atlantisite, Mangano Calcite, Orange Calcite, Mookaite etc.

New Palmstones - Angelite, Lemon Chrysoprase, Natural banded Agate, Amazonite, Bloodstone, Green Fluorite, Yellow Fluorite, Nuumite, Net Jasper (aka Spiderweb).

small and interesting Green Chrysoprase, Larimar and Watermelon Tourmaline.

a variety of Pendulums and Donuts

New Silver Jewellery selection of Rings, Pendants and ear-rings -

Amethyst, and stalagtitic Amethyst, Larimar, Ammonites, Super 7, Lizardite, Thulite, Merlinite, Chrysocolla/Malachite, Rhodocrosite, Dolphin Intarsia (carved/inlaid in quartz) Scolecite, Ruby in Fuschite,

Black Tourmaline.

New Stock in November/December 2018:-

Ancestralite, Shungite Spheres and small elite Shungite. Purple grape Chalcedony, Red Larimar (Pectolite)

Red Quartz points, Mangano Calcite, Uvarovite Garnet, Indicolite (Blue Tourmaline in quartz) Shiva Lingams,

Chrysocolla Hearts/Eggs etc., Satin Spar spiral standing pieces, Large Rose Quartz spheres, New and unusual Lapis Lazuli, polished Malachite, Brazilian Amethyst points. Restock of Rose Quartz and Flourite Angels.

New Stock in August 2018:-

Spectrolite,Polychrome Jasper, Fossil Wood and other lovely Madagscan crystals including Carnelian and Smokey Quartz.

Quartz Standing points, Spheres and Pyramids

Onyx/Marble animal carvings and more Elephant Candleholders!

Blue Kyanite, Smokey Elestial Quartz, Emerald

large Black Biotite Mica, Blue Calcite Wands

Ammonites of many types!